Birth Spirituality and Healing

The Sacred Basket Program, click here


When we accept the call to be in the field of birth,

where we will be supporting someone or be that someone to walk to the other side and bring the baby back,

we accept the responsibility to show up prepared on an inner

level  for the privilege of being in the birth rites of passage.

The Sacred Basket Program prepares you for this responsibility, privilege and wondrous possibilities.


 For Perinatal Professionals,

 MFTs Parents


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BSH Logo is the Dine Rite of Passage Basket.  The rainbow colors around the basket represent our ancestral support and honor the growing parent and baby journey.



Molly Arthur Interviews Gena McCarthy and Birth, Spirituality, and Healing

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Karen Brody Interviews Gena McCarthy for the 2015 BirthKeeper Summit

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