My Logo is the Dine Rite of Passage Basket.  The rainbow colors represent our ancestral support and honor the growing parent and baby journey.

Birth Spirituality and Healing

We are designed and capable
to Birth and Parent 
with safety, confidence and compassion.
Most Trauma can be prevented.
It takes preparation.
Birth Spirituality and Healing offers you this preparation.



Parent Ceremonies: Pregnant, New or Thinking About it Parents

Inner Preparation to Parent with Confidence and Support


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   Circles for Moms: Healing After a Difficult Pregnancy, Birth or Postpartum

Feel More Connected to Your Baby

2019: November 9

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 Professional Workshops & Coach/Facilitator Programs

Online & In Person Offerings

Coming in 2020!

Interested in the Perinatal Trauma: Assessment, Prevention and Healing Workshop?

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Molly Arthur Interviews Gena McCarthy and Birth, Spirituality, and Healing

Healing Birth Trauma

Karen Brody Interviews Gena McCarthy for the 2015 BirthKeeper Summit

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