Birth Spirituality and Healing

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FREE Webinar for Perinatal Professionals and Parents

 ~Connect with your Pleasure and Power~

Sunday, October 25, 10:30am – 11:30am, PST

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This Webinar will support You to:                                                                   

 1. Understand how your current experiences of feeling “hooked”

or triggered by circumstance around you can be affected by your own perinatal history

                                                 2. Experience and Learn how to reconnect to your own source of pleasure

and power when you are feeling triggered.

             3.Develop more skill with the power tool of self compassion

        even if you haven’t felt successful with self compassion before!

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BSH Logo is based on  the Dine Rite of Passage Basket.  The rainbow colors around the basket represent our ancestral support and honor the growing parent and baby 



Molly Arthur Interviews Gena McCarthy and Birth, Spirituality, and Healing

Healing Birth Trauma

Karen Brody Interviews Gena McCarthy for the 2015 BirthKeeper Summit

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