Birth Spirituality and Healing

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 ~Complimentary Webinar~ Be Wonder Informed

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~Monthly Ceremonies for Peace and Protection for

Ourselves and Our Perinatal Community ~

Next Ceremony is 2/14, 10:30am – 11:30am, PST

for Parents and Perinatal Professionals

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No Charge, Donations welcome, Suggested $10-$30,

Donate at Venmo, @Gena-McCarthy.

 All Donations will go to 

the scholarship fund  for BIPOC and people affected 

by Covid-19 for the Sacred Basket Program

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BSH Logo is based on  the Dine Rite of Passage Basket.  The rainbow colors around the basket represent our ancestral support and honor the growing parent and baby 



Molly Arthur Interviews Gena McCarthy and Birth, Spirituality, and Healing

Healing Birth Trauma

Karen Brody Interviews Gena McCarthy for the 2015 BirthKeeper Summit

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