Birth Spirituality and Healing

I invite you, as parents and perinatal professionals, to integrate community ceremony, spiritual/emotional growth and healing practices into your lives.

These practices prepare us to show up, supported and empowered, for the rites of passage of birth.

My logo represents a Dine made Rite of Passage Basket, ancestors and the honorable work of Mothering.

UWorkshops & Coach/Facilitator Certification Programs for Perinatal Professionals

Upcoming Dates: May 25-26, New York

                                       More workshops coming online and various communities by you this Summer

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                                                            Circles for Moms:

Healing After a Difficult Pregnancy, Birth or Postpartum

Then Comes Baby, Oakland; 2019 Dates: March 23, May 11, July 13, Sept 14, Nov 9

Brigid’s Well, Sebastopol, TBA

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                                                                Parent Ceremonies

                                                              Inner Preparation to Parent with Confidence and Support

                           Upcoming: April 20th, 2019, 10a- 1p, For Pregnant and New Parent Partners, Fee $100/couple,

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