Birth Spirituality and Healing Facilitator Certification

Birth Spirituality and Healing Facilitator Certification

For Perinatal or Parenting Professionals

The completion of the Facilitator certification will give the perinatal or parenting professional a certificate in the theory and practice of the Healing Birth Trauma Workshop, Parent Ceremonies and Sister Circles for Perinatal Professionals. This will enable them to apply the entire skill set as a whole either in workshop, circle or in 1-1 session forms.

  • All Certified Facilitators participate in ongoing peer consultation groups for as long as they offer these services. Groups meet every two months.
  • Facilitators and their information and services will be posted on the Birth Spirituality and Healing Network Website and other relevant websites.
  • Mentorship, community network and materials provided.

Certification Requirements:

  • Prerequisite: Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach Certification Program
  • 9 months mentor program
  • 4 one-one consultations
  • Experience or outside training required in the fields of
      • Group Facilitation
      • Perinatal Psychology including participation in a womb surround weekend workshop
      • Leading Guided Meditations


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