Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach Certification Series

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Become Certified as a Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach!

For All Perinatal and Parenting Professionals

MEAC CES for Midwives, Doula, RN, MFT/MSW and Psy PHD CE applications in process.

Strengthen and build your Compassion, Community Ceremony, and skills for working with Perinatal Trauma Triggers, for you and your clients in a renewing and healing format.

Feel supported in your processing and emotional intesgration of the births you attend.

Experience the support of a community network, mentorship, cognitive materials, and experiential practices for these skills and your unique contributions.


The NYC 3-Day Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach Training will be offered on 10/7/17, 10/8/17 and 10/9/17 at MINKA Brooklyn at 1120 Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11225 from 9a – 5p each day.


The entire Coach program consists of a 3-Day Training, 2 webinars, 6-month dyad and individual homework practicum and 1 mentorship session.


Included in what you will learn:

  • Four cross cultural spiritual and emotional challenges people encounter when they become pregnant.
  • Cross Cultural universal practices and elements for building a successful ceremony
  • How to invite and open to the Transformational/growth aspect of ceremony.
  • The Four Fold Way, (developed by Angeles Arrien PhD) inner preparation for effective ceremony
  • The neurobiology of why ceremony is a somatic resource
  • The neurobiology of effective perinatal trauma and triggers healing.
  • Resourcing practices, (includes 6 different practices or more) ways to connect energetically with one’s strengths and body calmness for you and your clients when triggered related to perinatal trauma.
  • Understand how effective perinatal trauma healing works and the perinatal psychology behind it through an experiential and cognitive introduction to the Healing Birth Trauma Model.
  • The difference between Trauma and Wonder, between feeling out of control of mind and opening to going beyond mind or feeling safe to let go in birth.
  • Ways to work with and transform fears for you and your clients
  • A practice for healing Intergenerational Trauma and receiving Intergenerational Blessing.

This skillset builds inner strength, confidence, community and a toolbox of practices for you and your clients. It can make a significant difference in increasing positive outcomes for the families you work with because it directly and effectively addresses their spiritual and emotional needs. And it supports you to attract more clients and prosperity in ways which promote long term sustainability in your practice and your life.


Registration Information

Fee: $1000: $850 for 3-Day Training and 2 Webinars. $150 for 1-1 session.

3 Scholarships for women of color are available at $750 each for entire program including 1-1 session. In your registration application form, fill out question which asks for information about your need for a scholarship.

Payment for 3 Day training and 2 webinars is $850.

Payment for Completion 1-1 session is $150.

Payment details and options:

  • To complete your registration, you may choose to make a single payment for $850 or pay a deposit of $200. If you choose a payment plan, you will send future payments via PayPal to Your remaining balance, $650, will be due no later than February 7, 2018 and can be split into three payments.
  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • In the notes section of your payment through PayPal, include the following information: Your name; How much money you are paying out of total payment; How much money you have paid in total; Class location/where you are attending BSH’s training.
  • Course purchase is non-refundable. You may gift or sell your space if you are unable to attend.
  • Three Scholarships for women of color are available at $750 each for entire program. In your registration application form, fill out question which asks for information about your need for a scholarship.
  • The One-to-One Mentoring and Completion Session of your certification work is an additional $150 due at the time of your appointment and can be paid through PayPal as well.


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Requirements for Certification:

  • Attendance at all 3-Day sessions, 2 webinars, One 1-1 session
  • All dyad and individual homework assignments, including required reading, completed within 6 months of taking the 3-Day Training
  • Demonstration of skill set through homework assignments and 1-1 completion session.

Reading list:

  • Welcoming Home Spirit, Sobon Fu Some, can be purchased at
  • Tapping In audio at by Laurel Parnell PHD or the book Tapping In your resources by Laurel Parnell PhD
  • EFT for Mom, Baby, and Dad from the Beginning of Life, Wendy McCarthy PhD at
  • Being with Babies Booklets: What Babies Are Teaching Us, Wendy McCarthy PhD at
  • The Power of Belief: What Babies Are Teaching Us, Wendy McCarthy PhD at
  • The Four Fold Way, Angeles Arrien



All required reading

Ancestor Birth Messages Worksheets

Ceremony Worksheet

Healing Perinatal Trauma Model Worksheet

Resourcing Practice Log

Resourcing when Triggered Practice with a written summary of your experience.


Resourcing when Triggered Practice with a written summary of your experiences.

Ceremony Practice with a written summary of your experiences.


Resourcing when Triggered Practice with a written summary of your experience.


3-Day BSH Coach Training Outline:

Day 1:

9:00 AM – Noon: Introduction of Elements of Spiritual and Emotional Birth Preparation for you and your clients, including ceremony as an effective, healing practice. Class divided into dyads for future homework assignments and for the Ancestor ceremony planning at the end of the training.

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Define being Triggered, Identify how you act when you are triggered, learn ways to resource and reconnect to body calmness when you or your clients are triggered. Cultivating Self Compassion, Increasing your effectiveness supporting others to cultivate their Self Compassion.

Day 2:

9:00 AM – Noon: Roots of our Somatic Sensation, Tracking somatic sensations, resourcing as necessary, with ourselves and our clients. Introduction to the neurobiology of Healing Trauma and the roles our somatic sensations play in this. Working with Resistance.

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Introducing the neurobiology and perinatal psychology of effective Healing Perinatal Trauma practices, Applying the Healing Birth Trauma Model, developed by Gena McCarthy, to an aspect of your own birth into our world. Notice any relationships with the somatic sensations you had this morning with your birth patterns you are working with this afternoon.

Day 3

9:00 AM – Noon: Applying a Healing Birth Trauma Guided Visualization to past perinatal trauma of your own. Reviewing the model of effective perinatal trauma and triggers healing and the neurobiology behind it’s effectiveness.

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Questions and Completion practice, Review elements of effective ceremony, Review elements of feeling safe to let go to wonder and different levels of consciousness, or Ancestor Ceremony practice with focus on letting go, Completion of Training.


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