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About Gena McCarthy




Gena McCarthy RN, MFT is a perinatal psychotherapist, a certified EMDR (PTSD treatment) provider and a developer and educator of community ceremony and birth trauma healing models, trained in Shamanic, Buddhist and Cherokee Peacekeeper teachings and cross-cultural ways of healing.

She specializes in supporting parents and perinatal professionals in their spiritual and emotional growth, empowerment, community ceremony practice and healing on their birth and parenthood journey.

Gena has been privileged to study and practice with a diverse range of communities and teachers in the fields of perinatal psychology, healing and spirituality.

Over the last 30 years Gena has cultivated a non-judgmental nourishing and effective process to reclaim and heal birth stories for mothers, perinatal professionals and anyone who wants to heal their own or any birth story that they experienced trauma with.  This process brings participants greater ease in their lives, relationships, work and creativity.

She is a a certified therapist in the Feeding Your Demons Practice developed by Llama Tsultrim Allione.

Gena is a CE provider, a consultant and a community organizer for Perinatal Professionals locally and internationally. She has been a community activist since 1968.

She currently is on the coordinating council of the local multicultural Birthkeeper Movement and co leads a Wisdom Rising, Enlightened Feminine practice group of the Bay Area Tara Mandala Sangha. She cofounded the Contra Costa Perinatal Depression to Wellness Network and the Mt. Diablo Family Resource Network and co-developed the Contra Costa Health Services Integrative Health Program.

She lives with her beloved husband in Contra Costa County and has offices in Albany and Berkeley. She loves to hike, dance, sing, garden, travel and visit with their son, who lives on the east coast.

The lineages woven in her Birth Spirituality and Healing teachings  are from her Jewish Romanian mother lineage and Irish English catholic father lineage, many years of study with Angeles Arrien of the Four Fold Foundation, teaching cross cultural shamanic practices, the Cherokee peacekeepers led by Dhyani Ywahoo, and Annie Fuller, from www.FullCircleSpiritualHealing.com.

She was also mentored by Anne Maiden Brown, author of The Tibetan Art of Parenting and Sobon Fu Some, Bringer of the Rituals, from the Dagara People in Burkina Faso, author of Welcoming Home Spirit.  Some of her Spiritual Teachers are Lama Tsultrim Allione, Shri Bramananda Saraswathi, Khenpo Khartar Rimpoche and the above mentioned spiritual teachers. Her Perinatal Psychology Consciousness teachers include Leah La Goy MA and Wendy McCarty PhD. She learned Trauma Healing Neurobiology and was certified in EMDR certified by Laurel Parnell PHD. Her MA in transpersonal counseling psychology and LMFT Internship was mentored by Gayle Peterson PhD, author of , Birthing Normally: A personal growth approach to childbirth.

About Birth Spirituality and Healing


This website and the work spun from it is dedicated with great gratitude for all those in our birth community including our ancestors and those yet to be born…

Birth Spirituality and Healing Services strengthen and support:

  • Women in their expression of their feminine power,
  • Humans embodying into our world,
  • Families in rites of passages,
  • The Perinatal Professionals who care for them

Perinatal Passages are valuable, primal imprints that evoke strong physical, emotional and spiritual experiences for all involved. Though sometimes we feel touched and expanded by them, sometimes we feel triggered and contracted by them.

As parents and perinatal professionals, we need support for our own growth, renewal and balance so we can show up for these precious passages and feminine acts of power from a place of compassionate presence.

Just like the people that came here before us, we need the support of our community, ancestors, the Earth and elements, loving wisdom beings and energies, (whatever form they make take for us) to transform our fears. We need to feel supported, worthy and safe in order that we might show up and open to birth miracle moments of inherent beauty, love and wonder…

A powerful way to honor our needs for support and these sources of support is through Community ceremony.

A ceremony is a focused invitation for support, through our relationships with the greater web of life, for the purpose of growth and transformation.

Birth Spirituality and Healing and it’s sister services build with parents and professionals community ceremony practices and circles for spiritual emotional growth and renewal. Individual and partners sessions are also available.

These services offer time to slow down and connect with one’s inner life, receive support from internal and external loving wisdom energies, process one’s emotions with compassionate witnessing, receive the practices and education needed for healing birth trauma and renewing one’s powerful heart offerings.

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