Circles for Moms

Safe, Supportive Healing

Circles for Moms: Healing After a  Difficult Pregnancy, Birth or Postpartum



Did you have a difficult or traumatic pregnancy, birth and or postpartum experience? Do you wish you could feel more connected with yourself and your baby? If so, this workshop can help you! 

Through safe, supportive, effective practices like:

* Guided Imagery

* Calming Exercises

* Collage Making

You’ll weave healing and renewing for yourself and this allows you to let go of painful feelings.  You’ll experience reconnecting with your self-esteem and feel more love and ease for your baby.

Who is this circle for?

* Anyone who had a difficult pregnancy, birth or postpartum experience

* Ok if you are pregnant now

* Not for Moms who had stillbirths

* Babies if 4 months or younger.

* 6 moms per circle.

For information for online and local circles contact Gena at



“This is such an important and beautiful work for mothers in our community to be doing. As we come together and heal ourselves, we take this healing back to our families.” Katie Sutherland

“I felt the knowledge shared has helped me tremendously and will be something I will use for many years to come. Gena has a wonderful way of listening and confirming.” Kelly Johnson

“Take the time to do this workshop for yourself. Put the “me” in Mommy. it’s amazing what can happen when a small group of warm, supportive women come together with the intent to share, heal, care and grow.” Crystal Langen



Gena McCarthy RN, MFT is an EMDR certified perinatal psychotherapist and a community organizer.  She is the founder and developer of the Birth Spirituality and Healing Network.  She was a maternal infant public health nurse for many years and founded the Contra Costa County Perinatal Depression to Wellness Network. She developed two local Perinatal Integrative Health Programs.  She has studied and practiced extensively cross cultural healing including shamanic, Buddhist and Cherokee peacekeeper practices.  For Questions: