Community Ceremonies for Parents and Perinatal Professionals

Consultation, Planning and Facilitation Services

Community Ceremonies

Development, Consultation, and Facilitation
for Parents and Perinatal Professionals

I have been facilitating and developing community ceremonies for many years for these perinatal professionals and parents. I am happy and honored to assist you in developing your ceremonies either through consultation or both consultation and facilitation. Some ceremonies you might want to consider are listed below.

  • Connecting with your strengths, gifts, intentions and worthiness as a parent or perinatal professional


  • Cultivating your inner, outer, and spiritual support systems


  • Receiving the gifts and blessings of your ancestors


  • Practicing opening to moments of deep interconnectedness, bliss, pleasure, wonder, beyond what you have experienced before or encountered, particularly during birth.


  • Clearing obstacles to open your heart to the relationship you have with your baby from preconception on, or to opening your heart fully to the babies, parents, and families you meet in your work. This may include:
    • Ancestral and family negative messages or traumatic experiences related to birth and parenting
    • Your own birth experience, if it was traumatic and unhealed.
    • Other birth experiences that affected you


  • If you are a parent, Integrating your Birth Journey, creating welcome for your new parent self

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