Embodied Sister Circles

Community Support and Renewal for Perinatal Professionals

Embodied Sister Circles

For Perinatal Professionals


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What Are Embodied Sister Circles?

They are spaces for perinatal professionals to slow down and connect with their inner life, receive support from internal and external loving wisdom energies and process their emotions with compassionate witnessing within a facilitated circle…spaces for renewing their powerful heart offerings.


These circles are a collective project offered by Gena McCarthy MFT, Natashia Fuskman MFT and Czarina Bowers, Doula to promote community spiritual and emotional support circles and ceremonies for Perinatal Professionals.



East Bay Circle starting in January, facilitated by Natashia Fuksman MFT


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You can also contact natashia.fuksman@gmail.com


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Perinatal Professionals serve women in their expression of their feminine power, beings embodying into our world, and families in rites of Passages.

These are primal, valuable, personal, and community imprints for the parents and for the professionals attending them. They will evoke strong emotional, physical and spiritual experiences.

Providers caring for women and families during this time are literally experiencing others’ massive life changes all of the time.

For the Perinatal Professional it is a calling as well as a continuous growth experience. We are sometimes touched and expanded, sometimes triggered and contracted.

As Perinatal Professionals, we need support for our own growth, renewal, and balance so we can show up for these precious passages and feminine acts of power from a place of compassionate presence.

Embodiment Sister Circles are designed to offer a space for the perinatal professional to slow down and connect with their inner lives, receive support from internal and external loving wisdom energies and process their emotions with compassionate witnessing… renewing their powerful heart offerings.

Like our indigenous ancestors, the energies of the earth, elements, and loving wisdom beings, as they knew them, are an important part of our web of life.

These resources are available to help us and they, in turn, are nourished by our respect and honoring of our interdependent relationships with them.

Become a Facilitator

Embodied Perinatal Sister Circles are facilitated by care providers who share a breath of experience in working with fellow Perinatal Providers and who meet the criteria below:

Facilitator Qualifications:

* An understanding and practice of spirituality, (the experience of our interconnectedness and of loving wisdom support that is available to us), in their own way, in whatever form has heart and meaning for them.

* Group facilitation skills and related experience.

* An ability to lead guided meditations.

* An ability to know how to resource someone in the circles if they get triggered to return to an experience of body calm and safety.

* An understanding of the need to ground what has been received in the guided meditations through journaling, drawing, movement, sharing, etc.

* Conflict resolution skills

* Commits to a bimonthly , 2 hour facilitator consultation support group call

If you would like to be a facilitator please contact Gena McCarthy by clicking here or email genamccarthy3@comcast.net

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