Healing Birth Trauma

for Parents and Perinatal Professionals


Healing Birth Trauma

for Parents and Perinatal Professionals

Individual Sessions or Package of 4 Sessions

If you experienced a birth where there was trauma or leftover painful feelings you might experience shame, guilt, anxiety, fear, difficulty relaxing, oversensitivity, overextending behavior or numbing out.

You might feel tension in your relationship with your baby and others.

The birth that may need to be healed could be:

  • Your own birth story
  • Your child’s birth story
  • A birth story that you participated in
  • The birth story of your mother or another ancestor
  • All of the above

After these sessions it is common for clients to feel and know they did the best they could or even better in the births of their babies or in births they were attending… to remember and reconnect with their own strengths and self esteem.

Parents and birth professionals are not able to feel present during traumatic moments because of how human physiology works during trauma. * Many people feel guilt or shame about this, though it is actually out of their control. Knowing that it is out of their control is only partially helpful being the cognitive brain is not where the trauma exists in us neurobiologically.   Healing trauma requires a practice that reaches it, where it is, which is in the limbic system. Cognitive work alone will not reach it.

When the trauma is healed people are able to go back to the moment of the birth and experience the gifts and love that happened. For parents this continues in their relationship with their babies where they now feel able to love with ease; no longer with guilt or tension.

For Birth Professionals their hearts and work becomes lighter and they are no longer “triggered’ when they attend future births. Triggered is when we feel like a past trauma is happening now because of an experience that unconsciously reminds us of our past trauma.

Healing Birth Sessions are designed for you to feel safe in your body during and after our work together. You will learn practices and build confidence in your ability to calm and balance your emotions and body. The sessions go at the pace that allows you to feel safe in your body. EMDR is often used and is effective bringing your body into a calm and safe experience. You do not have to live events over again.

As the old beliefs are released…new beliefs, which serve who we are now, are recognized and replace the old ones, affecting our behaviors positively and seeding future births and parenting relationships.

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  • To learn more about how Trauma works go to Resources, particularly Laurel Parnell, Bruce Lipton, Peter Levine