Birth Spirituality and Healing Services for Mothers and Partners

Birth Spirituality & Healing Services for Mothers & Partners

Please schedule a free twenty minute phone consultation for more information.

Community Ceremony Development and Facilitation

Just like the people that came here before us, we need the support of our community, ancestors, the Earth and elements, loving wisdom beings and energies, (whatever form they make take for us) to transform our fears. We need to feel supported, worthy and safe in order to show up and open to birth miracle moments of inherent beauty, love and wonder…


I have been facilitating and developing community ceremonies for many years. I am happy and honored to assist you in developing yours either through consultation or both consultation and facilitation.

Healing Birth Sessions for Mothers and Couples

Birth Trauma can be healed effectively and in ways which feel supportive and safe. You do not have to relive the trauma to release it!

When we integrate and heal our births,

(our own and those we have given birth to) we increase our openness to our life, our children, our new births…

Renewal and Healing Circles for Moms who had Difficult Births.

Receive nourishing and effective ways to process your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences. Open to greater ease in your life.

Host or organize a workshop for yourself and your friends and come for free.

Contact Gena McCarthy for information about the next workshop.

Currently at Then Come Baby, Oakland, Every two months in 2019: 1/26, 3/30, 5/11, 7/13, 9/ 14, 11/9

What people are saying about these workshops:

“Discussing and connecting with our strengths gave me a reminder of what I am capable of doing.”

“Bringing Healing to my birth experience helped me relax with my baby.”

“I really appreciated the small group setting and feeling of individualized attention.“

Parent Preparation Ceremonies, Coming Soon!

These ceremonies prepare you to relax, connect with your worthiness, courage, strength and open to wonder, vast awareness, going beyond what your mind has known before and the love relationships, inherent in the Rite of Passage of Birth.

For more information, contact Gena McCarthy. You may also contact Katie Sutherland CMT at

Reclaiming our Maternal Lineages for Future Generations Workshops

Ongoing gatherings focused on women’s sacred work toward healing the Present Generation. Using the stories of our own maternal lines, sharing, active listening and intention, we will call on our ancestors, our inner wisdom and the shared circle to witness our story with compassion. Workshop co led with Molly Arthur,

For more information, contact Gena McCarthy or may also contact Molly Arthur at