Birth Spirituality and Healing Services for Perinatal Professionals


The Sacred Basket Program for Perinatal Professionals with CEs for MFTs & LCSWs




   The Sacred Basket Program for Perinatal Professionals will teach you to weave your own spiritual and psychological wholeness or “basket”, from which to meet and  grow from the challenges you encounter in these changing times          and in your work with birth and parenting.


So you can show up empowered and embodied!


            It offers a map of growth practices for you and your clients on:


  • How to renew yourself after any exposure to a traumatic event, perinatal or otherwise
  • How to reduce painful trigger behaviors
  • How to return to the flow of power and life force we stem from again and again
  • How to identify the root patterns of how we either close or open to life challenges and growth
  • For MFTS in the CE Workshop for MFTs only: Models of addressing these root patterns and resolving them
  • How to map a path to our inherent capacity to experience wonder, pleasure and bliss in and attending the rites of passage of birth.


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 Become a Birth Spirituality and Healing Certified Coach!

Prerequisite: The Sacred Basket Program


“The journey of participating in Gena’s Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach Series has been a personal and professional healing experience for me. It has both helped me to remember the gifts given to me from my ancestors and how to integrate them and bring them forth into this world so hungry for healing.” Sheila Vandeveer

Midwife, CPM LM

Local Peer Perinatal Professional Ceremony Circle

Now more than ever, perinatal professionals need the power and support of community ceremony. Ceremony gives us the space and time for renewal, integration and connection with our inner life and the spiritual and emotional resources that have heart and meaning for us.

We meet seasonally for our own renewal and for promoting ceremony in our community for parents and professionals

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