Birth Spirituality and Healing Services for Perinatal Professionals

Services for Perinatal Professionals

As perinatal professionals, we need support for our own growth, renewal and balance so we can continue to show up for our community’s perinatal passages and feminine acts of power from a place of compassionate presence, strength, confidence and skill.

Become a Birth Spirituality & Healing Coach!

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Part I, an Introductory Workshop to Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach CE Program

Through a Community Support Network, Mentorship, cognitive materials and experiential practices – Strengthen and build your Community Ceremony and Working with Perinatal Trauma Triggers Skill set – Applicable to you and your clients.

Local, International and Online Programs for All Perinatal and Parenting Professionals

 CAMFT LMFT & LCSW, Midwife, MEAC and DONA International Doula CEs approved

Perinatal Trauma: Assessment, Prevention and Healing Workshop

In this course you will learn practical exercises and the neurobiological theory behind them to prevent and address secondary trauma in yourself and to prevent retraumatization and future trauma in your clients. You will also learn effective trauma assessment and healing practices. Throughout this course you will have an opportunity to apply practices to yourself to support your own renewal and resources. All of these practices promote perinatal developmental healthy outcomes. Content of course based on EMDR, Trauma Healing theory and Perinatal Psychology theory and research.

Local, International and Online Programs for All Perinatal and Parenting Professionals

 CAMFT LMFT & LCSW, Midwife, MEAC and DONA International Doula CEs approved

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“The journey of participating in Gena’s Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach Series has been a personal and professional healing experience for me. It has both helped me to remember the gifts given to me from my ancestors and how to integrate them and bring them forth into this world so hungry for healing.” Sheila Vandeveer

Midwife, CPM LM

Local Peer Perinatal Professional Ceremony Circle

Now more than ever, perinatal professionals need the power and support of community ceremony. Ceremony gives us the space and time for renewal, integration and connection with our inner life and the spiritual and emotional resources that have heart and meaning for us.

We meet seasonally for our own renewal and for promoting ceremony in our community for parents and professionals

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Advanced Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach Facilitator Certification

Healing Birth & Mother Renewal Workshops provide space for mothers to process pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences and trauma in nourishing and effective ways.

The certificate program gives the professional the skills and support so that they are able to offer and facilitate this workshop for their clients in their own or my format.

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Community Ceremony Development, Consultation, and Facilitation for Perinatal Professionals

Just like the people served parents before us, we need the support of our community, ancestors, the Earth and elements, loving wisdom beings and energies, (whatever form they make take for us) to transform our fears. We need to feel supported, worthy and safe in order to show up and open to birth miracle moments of inherent beauty, love and wonder…

I have been facilitating and developing community ceremonies for many years. I am happy and honored to assist you in developing yours either through consultation or both consultation and facilitation.

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Or have a free 20 minute consult at 510-685-6827

Healing Your Own Birth Individual EMDR Sessions

Our perinatal passages are our original, primal imprints on our life, reproductive and perinatal work patterns. When we integrate and or heal our own births we experience an increase in our openness to life and relationships. This applies to any birth experience that needs healing. The birth that may need to be healed could be:

  • Your own birth story
  • Your child’s birth story
  • A birth story that you participated in
  • The birth story of your mother or another ancestor
  • All of the above

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