It feels counterintuitive to pause and renew during ongoing trauma and yet, we often have the opportunity to pause for a moment. In that moment, we have an opportunity to support our depleted nervous systems.

Often during an ongoing trauma exposure like Perinatal Professionals in hospitals now, especially in hospitals with Covid-19 patients are experiencing,  we go on automatic. Short term automatic is not necessarily bad for us, but prolonged automatic gear is harmful for us.  A nervous system that is already frayed and worn keeps getting pumped dry.  We need to refill and it’s simple and possible.

Instead of staying at high alert, moving faster and faster, or zombie like, moving and feeling detached, try an old nurse’s trick.  When you take a bathroom break, practice the Self Compassion Resource.  It takes about the same time it takes for you to pee, yet when you are done, your body goes from high alert or exhaustion to feeling in the moment, safe and grounded. once again.  Your body gets a break.  It doesn’t slow you down, it just gives you a moment of empowerment and presence, which you can build on, till the next wave hits, then do it again, the next time you take a bathroom break. This way you are bringing more support and balance to your body and endurance.

You can get your free copy of the Self Compassion Resource Practice here.

Here is another quick effective resource you can do. It is a commonly used somatic practice:

Place your hands on your heart and hold them there with gentle pressure while you feel whatever it is you are feeling or thinking in the moment.  Don’t try and change what you feel. Just allow this body support of your heart while you are also experiencing whatever uncomfortable feelings or thoughts you are having.  This will usually have the affect after about a minute of actually shifting your thoughts and feelings to more of a calm acceptance of how things are.

For renewal that will address more of what you are going through, come to the free renewal circles, to register, click here,  and practice what you learn there, if possible, every night.