For  Perinatal Professionals including Licensed MFTs and MSWs     

Spiritual/Psychological Preparation to work in the Birth Field

                                 Connect to the potency of your wholeness, open to wonder, feel confident to prevent trauma.


Program Launching 2/1O/21!

Connecting with your Wholeness is like weaving a basket. Your connections with your wholeness can be strong in some places and have leaks in others.

We will teach you how to strengthen your basket, repair leaks caused by trauma, recognize, heal or integrate the powerful  effects birth has in your life and work. You can apply these skills to yourself and to your clients. Grow in compassion, skill and embodiment from the challenges you encounter in these changing times in your life and work with birth and parenting. 

 Program consists of:

 6 months of self paced webcast content, optional homework and reading assignments,

 6 monthly consult circles, the circle community is available to join and stay in indefinitely. The only prerequisite is you are or have taken the Sacred Basket Course. We will be offering two circles, one FOR MFTS, LCSWS, AND INTERNS and one for all other Perinatal Professionals to honor different consult needs.

 5 CAMFT approved CEs for Self Paced Webcasts for MFTs, LCSWs

1 CAMFT approved CE for each Consult Circle attended. 6 required.

 11 CAMFT approved CEs total for program.

 Flyer for CAMFT approved CEs here.

 Investment: $600 Full Fee, Monthly Payment Plan of $100 a month available x 6 months for 6 chapters and 6 monthly live consult circles. After 6 months you may continue in the circle community at a reduced fee of $50/mo. Partial

scholarships for BIPOC and Covid affected. To find out more, contact

 How Does this Program Prepare and Support you to work in the field of Birth?

 This course offers you an opportunity to go beyond treating trauma and into preparing for wonder, including addressing trauma as needed for your clients and for yourself. You will have the opportunity to use this course for skill building and for personal growth. It is based on EMDR trauma healing, Perinatal Psychology and Cross Cultural Shamanic theory, practice and research. You will learn practical exercises and the neurobiological theory behind them starting with Self Regulation Resources and then moving into healing and wonder preparing exercises as well as a deep look at how your own birth imprints affect your work and how to prevent trauma beginning in your assessments. This program is designed to encompass all pregnancy outcomes including all the ways people choose to make families. Detailed Curriculum Below.


 Cultivate your ability to:

Bring healing and/or integration of your perinatal imprints from your implicit memory to your explicit memory, becoming a significant new resource for you and your clients


Understand the connection between your client’s perinatal imprints and where they get stuck in their current perinatal passage and parenting development.


 Assess the roots of client’s issues: including past trauma, perinatal imprints, and inequity traumas.


Have swift and effective routine renewal practices for you and your clients


Understand the shift in brain wave frequencies that takes place in birth and how you and your clients can prepare to feel safe and present with them and the experience of wonder with pleasure


 Offer practices that access the limbic system and implicit memory to address trauma and triggers effectively


 Enjoy, Bless and be Blessed by a like hearted community of women in monthly live consult circles





Module One

Map of Perinatal Spiritual and Psychological Influences

 I. Resourcing before studying Birth material builds Safety

II. Sacred Basket Weaving ~Your Materials~ Your Map~

Reconnecting you with your inherent Wholeness

III. Cultivating your relationships with your resources for sustaining balance~

IV. Preparing to enter the Birth Field


Module Two

Sacred Birth Developmental Challenges and Possibilities



I. Preparing to Enter the Birth Field continued

II. How Preparing for Wonder Prevents Trauma

III. Case examples: Reconnecting to Safety

Lesson 2

Ceremony as Support for You and Your Client

I. What is Ceremony

II. Perinatal Ceremony


Module 3

Cultivating Your Relationship to Your Resources


Lesson 1 

 I. Original Life Resources and the psychological benefit for parents and babies

II. Our Unique Attributes, A Video by Angeles Arrien, PhD

III. Guided Meditation on Your Original Resources


Lesson 2

Your Earth Relationship, A Somatic Resource

I. Enhancing our somatic experience through receiving internal and external nature guidance

2. Tending to our wild and domestic gardens as a form of somatic therapy


Lesson 3

Ceremony Practice for You

I. What to Expect

II. Ceremony Practice and Integration


Module 4

Perinatal Resources, Triggers & Assessments 


Lesson 1

I. Review Definition and Practice of Resourcing

II. Triggering possibilities in perinatal assessments and education


Lesson 2

How Perinatal Imprints effect our Assessments

I. Definition

II. Internal and External Causes of Perinatal Trauma

III. How different types of birth influences life patterns

IV . Connecting the dots between birth imprints, work patterns and traumatic or healthy outcomes



Module 5



Lesson 1

How Perinatal Imprints effect our Assessments Continued….

I. Neurobiology of Perinatal Imprinting

II. Range of perception during assessments related to implicit memory

III. Trauma Mitigation Resources



Lesson 2


I. Client’s Strengths, Resources, & Triggers

II. Assessment Questions can be Triggering

III. Body Language

IV. Educate Client about Trauma and how it affects us

VI. Clients with a history of sexual abuse

VII. Strategies for old triggers and current traumas 

VIII. A Healing Exercise


Module 6

Prevention & Healing

I. When to Apply Resourcing as prevention for yourself and your clients

II. Ways to Mitigate and Prevent Trauma

III. Models of Healing


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 Testimonials from people who have taken these courses:

 Testimony by Angela Rodriguez, @OneloveDoulaclc:

 Gena McCarthys birthspiritualityandhealing class has been incredibly healing for me.  I highly recommend it. Gena is nurturing, direct in her teaching and teaches practical skills to cope and help our clients cope”.

 Testimonials from people who have taken these courses:

 Testimony by Angela Rodriguez, @OneloveDoulaclc:

 Gena McCarthys birthspiritualityandhealing class has been incredibly healing for me.  I highly recommend it. Gena is nurturing, direct in her teaching and teaches practical skills to cope and help our clients cope”.

As an MFT, this workshop connected dots for me about trauma and what is effective for me and my clients working with it. I would recommend this workshop to any therapist. Gina


I really valued the work around understanding when I get triggered during a session. I’m seeing it much more clearly now. Andrea Byers

Craniosacral Therapist

Sacred Basket Program – Part II

Prerequisites: Sacred Basket Program 

Heal and Integrate Your Own Birth

Meets: This Course is the last course to take to be eligible to complete  the BSH Coach Certification Progra

Webinars and Practice Q&A Sessions Hybrid Course Available Summer 2021!

Take what you learned in the previous course and apply it to Healing and Integrating:

  •  Your own Birth
  • A birth you witnessed or heard about that was traumatic for you
  • Ancestral Imprints

In this course you will learn a template of cognitive and experiential effective Perinatal Trauma Treatment.  You will have an opportunity to apply this model to a piece of your own prenatal, birth and newborn story, to a previous secondary traumatic event from your professional practice and to your own ancestral perinatal imprints.  

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Getting clear about my behaviors when triggered…a range of tools I can access…tools I can offer my clients – not only resources within but also community resources. Jennifer Curtis

Doula, Parent Infant Class Educator

Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach Certification

Prerequisites: The Sacred Basket Program and Integrate your own Birth Courses.

A BSH coach can apply and offer the following resources to themselves and their clients to promote success with perinatal developmental needs and opportunities.

  • Bilateral Tapping In resourcing practices
  • Tracking somatic experience and triggers and knowing when to apply resources to triggers to break and prevent trauma patterns
  • Energy calming practices
  • A Guided Imagery Healing Perinatal Trauma Practice
  • An understanding of what it takes to heal birth trauma effectively and in nourishing and safe ways.
  • An understanding of what are trauma informed effective assessment practices and why
  • A clear understanding of how preparing to meet perinatal developmental needs can prevent trauma.

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This is such important and beautiful work for mothers in our community you are doing. As we come together and heal ourselves, we take this healing back to our families. Katie Sutherland


Gena McCarthy RN, MFT is an EMDR certified perinatal psychotherapist and a community organizer.  She is the founder and developer of the Birth Spirituality and Healing Network.  She was a maternal infant public health nurse for many years and founded the Contra Costa County Perinatal Depression to Wellness Network. She developed two local Perinatal Integrative Health Programs.  She has studied and practiced extensively cross cultural healing including shamanic, Buddhist and Cherokee peacekeeper practices.  For Questions:

The Sacred Basket Program prepares People: Parents and Professionals for the calling, responsibility and evolution possible in the field and community of Birth.